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It is with this intention that I write this article, to share with you some of the lessons I learnt on my journey to understanding how we can make cooperation with 3rd party infrastructure management services for owners. How many times has it happened, that an important work needs to get done, but it lingers on, because getting that work done will require us to order people outside our own organization? Especially when the cooperation is required between the municipality, and other organizations like the electrical, digital and district heating partners?

I have faced that situation multiple times, and I know how hard it is to get other organizations to cooperate with us.

Let’s begin by looking at some of the bad examples of cooperation.

Examples Of Bad Cooperation.

  • District heating break asphalt roads to install their pipes, just a year after municipality has finished laying them, leading to massive losses.
  • Electric and digital cable owners never participate in project meetings. And come directly to the construction site to install their cables, and that too at any place they desire.
  • Municipality plans new areas for housing development, but are never able to asphalt the roads, and finish it fully, because district heating lay their underground pipes only when they have to pay customers in that area.
  • When asking for old infrastructure information (cables, pipes etc.), 3rd parties take more than a month to deliver that information. Because for an area, only one person has the authority to provide that information. And above that, an information only has two weeks’ time until it expires, and thereupon requires a new paid request.
  • 3rd party companies install their methods of construction in your city’s ground, and then demand payment to provide you information.

The list goes on and on and on, and everything points at the same thing. That 3rd party infrastructure management services is very difficult, and often results in uncomfortable situations between municipality officials and 3rd party personals. Sometimes the discomfort becomes so great, that I have seen municipality officials gathering much hatred toward these companies. So much as to, revolting by making permission to apply for a project difficult and complicated; resulting in 3rd party companies withdrawing themselves from an area.

But of course, we all know very well, that revolting is not the solution. We need their services, and they need us as customers to pay for their services. So the best way is for both parties to cooperate.

How To Get 3rd Parties Infrastructure Management Services?

The best way to get 3rd parties infrastructure management services, I would say, is to understand their motivation. Because most of them are corporate companies, their motif is clear: To expand their infrastructure network, so they can deliver services to more customers.

Once we know this, we can use it to direct their behavior. And to our advantage, we own the very ground upon which they want to build their infrastructure. Therefore, if we set clear rules for them to use our land. We have them. Here are the rules, I say we should have:

  1. We have a meeting twice a year where we overview all projects. And 3rd parties should bring up their set times of construction in those meetings.
  2. When we build an area, we build it completely. And after building that area, we leave it untouched for next 5 years. As such, if a 3rd party wants to install their infrastructure in that area, they must install them during municipality’s construction period, or wait for another 5 years.
  3. If you want to join the municipality’s construction project to install your infrastructure, you must deliver graphs indicating exactly where you want to install the infrastructure. And this indication must be given during the design phase, not after that.

These 3 rules, I am sure, will ensure good cooperation between the 2 parties. And ofcourse with time, as our knowledge expands, we can keep adding to them.

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