According to Joseph M. Juran, it is widely known that a project is a problem which is scheduled for a solution. Therefore, any problem(s) discovered during a project, might as well be the solution to the project itself or be the solution to a subsequent project with a similar nature.

Some certain problems that arise during a project are typically minute and they can be solved as fast as possible. Certain other problems may seem large and can require a lot of effort in addition to a long time to solve. In other to effectively handle these problems which come up during a project, you will have to carry out your root cause analysis.

Driving your action plan to yielding the ideal work output

So as soon as you have discovered your problems, the application of systematic methods for solving each of the problems and achieving the correct work output should be you next objective.

One of these systematic methods is the creation of your action plan towards solving these project problems. Typically, the action plan involves the application of tools, processes, techniques, as well as standards towards solving these project problems.

One of such tools is the use of construction software to eliminate inefficiencies in each team of the project. Typically, every construction usually involves lots of or sometimes hundreds of stakeholders.

These projects often involve numerous details and whereas the construction segment has been able to handle large projects without the use of effective construction management software for years, the innovation of technology has giving project contractors the opportunity to be able to bypass large problems and be able to achieve the ideal project situation.

Apply the use of the Building Information Modeling

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the new bride of the construction industry. Typically, it involves the technique of developing and modeling digital visual representations related to the main deliverable of the project.

In fact, with BIM you can visually represent the project in 3D before committing resources, time and effort to realizing the projects.

For instance, Building information modeling can estimate the quantity of people per day that you need in a part of the project. With this information, you can estimate the most effective size of machines and equipment to complement the output of the site crew in order to give you the ideal work output per day.

BIM is an effective software and it could be costly. However, if you are on a tight budget, there are numerous open source and free tools for Building information modeling software that you can try out on your projects. This can be done before you can now purchase a full time more costly BIM software for your projects.

Most importantly, Building information modeling is a software for driving your action plan because more like a construction management software, it gives you access to project information which can keep you better informed in making project decisions. These decisions can help you in achieving the ideal work output.

Choosing a BIM construction management software for your projects.

One of the most popular solution in terms of construction management software is the Infrakit suite. The Infrakit construction software is operated in the software-as-a-solution mode and thus utilizes the cloud solution for a centralized project information system to keep everyone informed through enhanced and smooth workflows.

Typically, the cloud-based solution allows for an effortless and smooth monitoring of the project site. With the use of the infrastructure solution the entire scope of the project and the project status information is readily available for reach in the field through live feeds in real time. This innovative project approach leads to lesser project problems while taking your projects to the ideal level of work output through the enhanced workflow that the solution has brought to the table.

Project management software can support the stages of planning and execution during the lifecycle of the project, thereby minimizing problems, improving information/workflow, improving the transparency of the project, the quality and the interaction of phases. The benefit of the construction software becomes evident more as it is used for the most part of the project’s lifecycle.


You should improve on your planning methodology

Typically, numerous problems and issues that arise during a project starts from the planning stage. If you neglected estimating the amount of concrete in cubic yards that you need in a construction project, and then midway into the project you then realize that later you shall be needing twice as much of the current amount of concrete, that wouldn’t seem right.

To avoid this last minute headache, you need to create some time before the project, to estimate the actual materials needed to finish a particular work package, to figure out the amount and caliber of people, information, processes materials as well as equipment you will be requiring before the project work actually starts. It is the best way of eliminating the root causes of most construction projects.

Improve the processes of communication

If you are not constantly communicating with your team, however that is typically a recipe to create a large loss in efficiency. You have to be available to talk your crew, so that they can be able to approach you should a problem arise. You can also use your communication process to let your team know what the expectations for certain days are. Furthermore, this can also be used to let them know what you want them to achieve each month or each week.

You should ensure that you get to meet with each project supervisors daily, which is meant to enable you to set daily expectations. Also, you could get some feedback from the site crew on their potential daily work output as well as what potential problems there are.

Get a proper training for the construction crew

Apparently, all projects are unique and the level of skill across your workforce varies. If you had done your root cause analysis, and you have been able to trace a significant amount of your project issues to the inefficiency of your work crew. Then you subsequently discovered that this inefficiency is mostly down to the fact that that your crew needs to be trained in some certain areas of the project or in using tools, standards or processes related to the project.

Ideally, training your team is very vital to the efficiency of your project crew when it comes to making them achieve the ideal work output. This is especially important for construction supervisors that need thorough management principles as well as techniques to maintain the smooth running of the project. Training helps your site crew master essential skills which are relevant to the project. With training the efficiency of your work crew dramatically increased to a level will help you achieve the ideal project work output.

An example of such trainings could be the project supervisor that organizes training on the crew to become accustomed to the use of a certain technology to make their work easier and faster.

Create performance measurements and keep your crew accountable

Another method for solving workmen inefficiency apart from training is to create performance measurements. While inadequate skills, knowledge and experience can be the main source of inefficiency for workmen, lack of motivation could also be a source of inefficiency in a project which can subsequently affect the work output.

So, in order to handle workmen inefficiency due to lack of motivation, you have to create work performance measurements for all your teams and crews. This should be driven by holding each crew member accountable to their own performance.

Using performance measurements is the ideal tool for driving your project action plan and motivating your workers towards achieving the needed project work out put. Typically, this is done by setting clear and achievable performance measurements. You can also consider attaching a little incentive like a financial bonus or other motivating factors. The incentive should be handed out to these crew members for every performance benchmark that they meet.

Apart from meeting yardstick measurements, this tool will also help improve communication among your crew, which makes it more effective at improving the overall project work output of the crew.

With this performance measurement, there are various performance metrics which you can put in place, such as reporting on time to the construction work site, being sympathetic towards fellow crewmen as well as clients, the ability to finish a work package on time, the application of critical thinking solving problems, the quality of each work package as well as the general amount of work out put in relationship to the ideal work output.

Lessons learned



Typically, the action plan is used to solve problems discovered during the root cause analysis as well think of it like a root cause analysis template as bring the project performance to the ideal level. The effective use of these tools, processes, standards and so on should be included in your action plan.



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