Deploy BIM Simplified

This book is the 2nd installment in the series and provides the most benefit if you have already completed the “Infrastructure BIM Value” ebook. In this book, we will progress from insights to practices.

It will teach you to start building an action plan for the execution and deployment of BIM.

You are the change agent and you need to get the process working with BIM enabled tools, otherwise, there will be a lot of chaos and disappointment.

It is critical to plan this through because you will only get one chance to convince your project team of its effectiveness.

Exclusive access only. Access may only be obtained by submitting a copy of the completed Infrastructure Bim Value book first.

BIM Book FAQ’s

How Do I Download It?

This book is exclusive and only available for action taking members of the community who have also at first completed the first book in the series.Therefore you may only receive your copy by submitting a copy of the completed Infrastructure BIM Value Guide copy.

What compelled you to come up with this eBook?

I created this eBook to act as the next stepping stone for those in BIM  as well as those seeking to advance in it. It incorporates my own experience and lessons I have learned straight from the field. Basically, this is the shortcut to supercharge your process to success.