BIM Benefits

We all agree that BIM Benefits gives us a clearer understanding of our projects, and leads to profitable investments in infraconstruction. We wisely adapted them as our new weapon in infraconstruction, and gained a lot of benefits, and savings using them. Now, the next question is: Where do we go next? Have we already reached a dead end?

Here’s How We Could Gain More From Infraconstruction:

The indirect benefits from BIM are a little tricky to understand; so I request you to walk with me till the very end of this article. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

Let’s Begin

What would you answer, if I were to ask you – how does infraconstruction organization benefit the technical director, the technical board, or the council in their needs?

I know, you would say, “None, why should the infraconstruction organization benefit them. And more of, they are anyway not interested in how construction really works. All they care about are the costs.”

But think again. Ask yourself this: which of the two pictures do you think will give better insights to the technical board, or the council to make decisions on infraconstruction projects?

Infra Pioneer
Figure 1 BIM assisted 3-D information.
Bim Benefits For
Infra Pioneer

It’s the first one, isn’t it? Because it is loaded with BIM information; it gives accurate mass calculations, cost estimations, a clearer picture to the end results, and lesser on-site changes to design during construction; all leading to better infrastructure.

Then why doesn’t the council use that information, when it has so many benefits?

Is it because the council members do not know how to use professional CAD software? Or is it that those softwares cost too much?

If that is the case, then we must tell them, that there are plenty of other softwares to preview BIM designs, without having to license expensive CAD softwares. Softwares for research on project-documentation, and real-time management tools are almost free, and easy to use.

Now if you are thinking that, “why must I bother so much to help the council make more informed decision? How does this bim benefits for owners?”

Look Again

If the construction team, makes as-built BIM models of the constructed infrastructure. Those BIM models will help garden designers in designing their parks. It will help the marketing team to keep citizens updated by sharing screenshots of BIM buildings, streets, gardens and so on. It will help project budget estimators to make estimations more accurate with automated mass calculations.

And lastly, Bim benefits will ease communication with citizens regarding construction progress, and make disruptions in construction process easier to handle by clearly showing everybody, how much construction is left in a project.

There are tons of benefits that BIM can bring to everybody. And there are tons of things we can do, when we have the ability to share information from our tools. We will benefit not only infraconstruction people, but also others who aren’t directly related to infraconstruction organization. I recommend reading this article to really understand the whole opportunity of it.

Even though it is true that nobody other than infraconstruction people bother about what happens underground. But, everybody does bother about what happens above the ground.

This is how we can gain more from BIM.

Having said that, I will also add this:

Just like doctor’s say, ‘don’t over-consume.’ We should restrict the information that we give to the bare essentials. And I would recommend organizations to have a meeting once a year, where they collect needs from groups that would want to have information from other groups.

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  • Phil Richardson says:

    I like the Sentiment to this article, focus on the needs. One of the driving principles to any information system has to be to provide the information when needed. One of the things I see the presentations on BIM and Digital Construction getting wrong is implying that all of the information will be available to everyone, all of the time. What we really need to do is ensure precisely the information needed right now only is presented for clarity. As the need changes the available information and the presentation changes.

    • Jero Juujärvi says:

      Hi Phil,

      Great comment and yes and this is the first major step in BIM. Clarity and open-formats (Each user can choose own tools they prefer and data moves between all tools seamlessly). I see the next step after clarity is operation development. Now with clarity we are able to track better KPIs in realtime and more accurately. This has an effect on project plannings, optimizing resource allocations and so on. BIM is a big thing that very few are able to really manifest into remarkable profits. This operation development focuses utilizing BIM in full extension to get that massive 10%-20%-more % savings per project.

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